Storybird – Press *Here* to Self-Destruct

Storybird – Press *Here* to Self-Destruct.

Here’s a little story I created (my first on Storybird!) as a way to parody the dreaded “Mayan Apocalypse” that was supposed to have happened.  Even though it’s well into the past at this point I wonder if people have really ever stopped to think just *how* it came to be known as a doomsday. Did it really signify death and destruction?  Why would a Meso-American civilization predict such gloom and doom?  If we can just think outside of our physical realm, calm our ego, and still our mind we would see it has nothing to do with an incineration of Earth; rather, it’s our invitation to step through the portal of consciousness and take hold of the self-actualization that needs to take place.